Playing poker is very strategic and exciting for people of all ages all around the world. There are so many different scenarios that can unfold on any given hand. People will bluff and act as if they have a good hand to try and buy the hand, other players will string out a hand all the way to the “River” card to see if they can catch the card they are chasing. Other players will slow play a really good hand trying to keep as many bettors on the table as possible to earn the biggest pot they can. There are some sure first strategies that beginning idn poker players need to know when they start playing to make sound moves in the game.


Where is your position in relation to the dealer? That is the first question you need to ask yourself when you’re playing poker. If there are a lot of players to your left and you are very close to the dealer then you need to play a tighter and smarter strategy. If you are the last player on the dealer’s right side you can raise blinds or re raise blinds a little more aggressively as you will have already seen what the table is doing, and how players feel about their own hands.


What are the cards in your own hand? This is the very most strategic thing to know when you play poker. The worst hand in poker statistically is a 2 and 7 off suited. If you have that hand and you are not involved as a small blind or a big blind, then it would be best to fold that hand and live to see another hand. If you draw pocket cards such as two kings in your hand, this is a good time raise the blinds when it is your time to bet. Raising blinds on pocket cards will usually run off lots of players, and statistically pocket cards have a high percentage early on during hands of poker.


The more and more you play the game, the better your strategy will become at playing poker. It is always important to see what cards are on the table, and to try and predict other hands based on what is on the table that can beat your hand. The more you play will also allow you as a player to begin to notice how other players treat their hands. When the bluff hands or play aggressively are all tips to seeing how other players play the game as well. Poker is such a great game to play for lots of reasons, and the better you get the more enjoyable it will become.