Those who follow up on gambling in Asia are probably aware that in Indonesia, gambling of any kind is against the law. This has led to the booming industry of slot games. Due to the popularity of these games all over the world, and how frequently they are played by global players means that there is a much smaller likelihood of being caught and subsequently fined or jailed. Just why are slots such as those on dewa898 such a popular game in Indonesia, and is it really such an easy pastime to engage in? Keep reading to have all your questions answered.

A quick primer on how slot machines actually work:

Why is Online Game Play Preferred?

In a country such as this one, where gambling or betting of any kind is outlawed, playing online and away from prying eyes is preferable to going into a casino or arcade to play. Playing slot games at an online casino means that anonymity is king and many financial matters, including payouts and the like, can be handled over the internet. With these benefits, online casinos are the play venue of choice, and due to slots being so popular in online casinos, they are also quite popular in Indonesia.


What Games are the Most Popular?

Players in Indonesia like to play the same slot games as many players all over the world. Like a lot of other players, they enjoy games that have many lines, bright and energetic themes, and good bonuses and free spins. Indonesian people like both progressive and non-progressive games, and like anywhere else in the world, a progressive game will pay out more than a non-progressive one.


Gambling Has a Long History In Indonesia

A huge reason why Indonesian people like to gamble is because their homeland has a long and illustrious history of it. For older generations, a local casino was usually an often visited social venue, giving way to private wagering clubs in basements or other underground places. Even casual gambling between friends has a very storied tradition in this country.

Anyone Can Do It

Many slot machines require very small wagers to start. This is great news for the average Indonesian, who might only have a few dollars to spare a week.Whether you have hundreds to bet, or just a few dollars, it is possible to have a fun and thrilling time betting on online slot games.


Keeping It Local

When you consider that gambling is illegal in Indonesia, it may seem difficult for casinos to be Indonesian-owned. However, some are. These casinos are available to offer the games in the Indonesian language, making these slot games and casino games more accessible for the average person. Slot games are keeping the wagering tradition alive in Indonesia.