What you need to know about soccer sports betting

Betting in soccer is a highly lucrative business as evidenced with the high number of online bookmakers and general public interest. The UK soccer betting market, the Premier League is the most popular in the world. The other leading European football betting markets are Bundesliga, Ligue 1, La Liga and Series A. Soccer betting can be done online or at the local bookmaker offices, where betting with cash is often accepted. As the popularity of the sport grows across the US, growing number of soccer lovers are turning to online betting since it is convenient, and quicker. The three most common types of soccer betting methods are namely; 1×2, Totals and Handicap. The 1×2 betting is about the three possible outcomes of a match. The 1 refers to a Win; X a Draw and 2, an away Win. Handicap betting concerns making a prediction based on the outcome of a game. One unique aspect about this betting technique is the involvement of a “handicap” placed by the bookmaker. You can check out Jadwal Bola Malam ini to start with online soccer betting.

The handicap is entered to counter the perceived variances in the strength of the participating teams. For instance, the bookmaker can apply a negative handicap, which must be overcome by the favorites in a 1×2 bet market. In the same regard, the underdog team is often offered a positive advantage. A handicap only wins when the team handed the negative handicap wins by a margin higher than that of the figure set. On its part, the team handed the positive handicap must either win or lose the match with a lower margin as defined by the handicap figure. Lastly, the Totals or Over/Under betting is a simple betting technique that does not involve match winning. The prediction here is on whether the goals scored will fall short or over the bookmaker’s figure set. The bet combines all the goals scored during the match. The bookmaker may also avail betting options that look at the goals scored in each half. When you are well-versed with basics of soccer betting you can advance your betting skills to options such as live soccer betting and pre-match betting and so on.

Besides the goals, other soccer betting options look at the number of cards awarded, corners earned, league winners, and the teams to be relegated at the close of the season and so on. Although most people, who have taken to football betting, do so to make money, there are many others who do it for fun. To be responsible when betting, you only need to bet an amount that you can afford to forfeit. Also remember to avoid chasing losses or raising the stakes after a series of losses or wins. It is important to understand that there is no foolproof strategy for betting on a football match, where a win is always guaranteed. However, you can limit your losses by betting on the markets and leagues that you fully understand. It also helps to assess your performance potential closely to study crucial pointers, open account with multiple bookmakers and apply prudent money management skills.