The top five casino online games for 2019/2020 are the same five that have been the top games for the last few years. They will probably still be the top games for the next few years as well. Especially as so many gamblers bet on them and because they show no signs of stopping.

Poker — One of the top five gambling games of all time, whether online or off, millions of people play poker every week. In fact, poker has become so popular online, just about every casino now has many different poker games to play in.

Players enjoy online poker due to the faster speed of the game. This allows them to play more hands than they can play offline. Pots also tend to be larger and, with many tournaments they can also play in, the opportunities to play the game are never ending.

Slot machines — The slots have always been one of the most popular games. This is due to not needing to learn any complicated rules, having hundreds of themed games to choose from and jackpots being large.

The slots are also one of the top five online casino games  for 2019/2020 due to every casino (see qqturbo) offering them, and because it is possible to spend both a few cents playing them and hundreds of dollars.

Blackjack — This is one of the most loved casino online games of 2019/2020 due to how easy it can be to win.

After all, you do not have to worry about anyone else playing at the same table, as the game is just between you and the dealer. The person that has the best hand wins, and the house advantage is lower than with most other online games.

That gives you a definite advantage when playing blackjack over playing games like poker or the slots.

Roulette — If you like a game that can be both simple and complicated, depending on how you bet on it, then roulette may be the game for you.

Simple means you bet on red or black coming up when the wheel stops spinning. Complicated means you bet on both a number and a color. Get the more difficult way of playing correct, though, and you can win enormous sums of money. Especially if you can do it consistently.

Bingo — Bingo has become one of the top games due to how fun and easy it is to play, and because you can play several cards in one game.

Cash prizes can also be high and, if you want to practice before you begin to play seriously, many online casinos offer games you can play without betting real money on them.