Like its Asian counterparts, China, Japan and South Korea, for instance, the trend of online gambling has been gaining traction in Indonesia in recent years. Despite a heavily restricted environment, where gambling is strictly frowned upon and prohibited, the practice of gambling and placing bets had been ingrained deeply into the cultural practices in the region since long.

Therefore, it was only a matter of time before an increasing number of people resorted to online casino platforms when the trend of online gambling became prevalent in the country. The online pragmatic casinos strive to cater to varying playing preferences of a diverse group of customers. Therefore, they offer a variety of casino games that appeal to different customers, some more than others.

Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the most popular online gambling games in Indonesia.


Slots are easily the most popular gambling game in Indonesia. Online slots come with a variety of features and variations that make the game very exciting and fun to play. Individuals also find the slots quite easy to play as there is no special skill or strategy required to play the game. Casinos post their odds on the site, so everything is quite transparent as the outcome is purely random and based on chance.


Another popular game played by the Indonesians is Blackjack. One of the most appealing features of this card game is that it can be played with a live dealer, so you have a closest to reality experience when you play the game with a live dealer.

As a player, you may find the game quite easy to understand and play. The game is not very complex to comprehend and does not require any specific strategy either. Individuals thus love the game for its simplicity and good winning odds. The house edge is usually low, so people can earn well if they win.


Another card game that too is very popular among the locals is poker. It is, in fact, a favorite of the experienced players who like to use their skills to ace the game. It is a game of deception and strategy, and if one knows how to play well, they can win quite some money from poker.


The live version of online roulette is quite popular in Indonesia. As a player, you just need to bet on the numbers while a live dealer spins the wheel in front of you. You get to see the outcome as soon as the wheel stops spinning. The game is easy to play and quick to wind up, and if you are lucky, you can even win some money in the process.