Traditional and online slots are almost the same idea, but various important differences cannot be ignored. There are online video slots, advanced video slot machineries, and traditional mechanical slots. All these are different in some ways, also physical and online video slots.


It’s essential to note the differences, whether you’ve never invested online or you’ve been playing for year’s mortar and brick casinos, or even if you are a newbie to casinos. The slots in the modern casinos are not entirely different from the traditional slot machines in the 1970s; the main difference is the updated technology.


Origin of slots machines

The first slot was established in 1899. It was made up of five symbols and three reels. The mechanical stayed unchanged apart from the added reels until in the 1960s. However, the jackpots were still small and could be tampered with. In 1960, the electromechanical slot introduction made the jackpots vastly expand and became a success as the payout was handled automatically.


More technology was introduced after into the machines, which allowed more winning and randomization that wasn’t possible earlier. The next revolution brought online casinos, which were entirely software-based.


Use of Reels vs. random number generator

Video slots use random number generators, while the mechanical slots use reels, making the game immensely different. The advantage is that there is a myriad outcome, and one can use numerous pay lines. Most current slots are grounded on movies, themes, games, and this applies to both virtual and physical casinos.



Traditional non-progressive slots consist of a fixed jackpot that does not change, despite the time between the wins. A player of the game gets a fixed reward and a winning spin, and that’s it. Traditional slot machines tend to appear traditional when in physical casinos, and most online casinos provide non-progressive video slots.


The Odds

The odd also brings another essential distinction between online and traditional slots. Most online slots have big jackpots as an alternative to bigger odds. Virtual slots are more incorporated with each other than old slots, and it has widely changed the paying of the game in the focus of increasing the jackpots.



Online slots have made gambling more accessible than before. The traditional slots users can still familiarize themselves with the interphase, and people can play from anywhere as long as there is internet access. Slot online Indonesia games are, therefore, providing a more exciting experience compared to traditional slots.




The online slot is more profitable for the owners and can sometimes lead to most players’ addition. However, there is no online slot that is superior to the other, as some people enjoy playing the outdated mechanical slots. Simultaneously, some prefer additional great features and 3D animations that can only be found in online slots.