Slots are one of the most interesting and exciting games in casinos, land-based or online. There are many people who head to casinos or log into casino sites solely to play slots. Online slots bring the additional perks of convenience and the opportunity to play for lower-cost bets and even free.

In addition, online slots also feature various exciting themes, which enhance the game’s excitement and tempt people to try them. High payouts, free play, and bonuses are other prominent features of online iboslot that have made them so popular over the years.

Playing online slots is quite easy, and the way they work is also quite interesting. Here is a brief insight into the basic working mechanism of the online slots, a brief overview of the RNG or Random Number Generator, and how it controls the output.

The Random Number Generator

Online slots are controlled by software called the Radom Number Generator, which controls the symbol output displayed on the reels. Regardless of the type of slot you play, the Random Number Generator decides which symbols appear on the reel.

The Random Number Generator provides a unique number sequence every time the reel is spun. This is why you will see a different combination of symbols on every spin.

It is interesting to know the RNG is not applicable to slots only. It is used for determining outcomes in other chance-based games. For instance, it also determines the outcome in online roulette, as it decides where the ball will land. Similarly, it also determines the cards being dealt on online blackjack.

The RNG is controlled by the online gambling authorities and is usually used by licensed casino sites. The gambling authorities keep a check on the RNG in use in the casino to ensure that the system is not rigged and stays transparent and fair in all instances.

The outcome

Even if you try to determine a sequence in the symbols displayed on reels, you must know that the spin’s outcome is independent of the previous outcome and is completely random. When you play at a credible site, you may be confident in the system’s fairness. Even the casino doesn’t know if you will lose or walk away with a huge prize. The randomness of the outcome and the excitement of the unknown make slots so enjoyable and liked by most.

The return to player

While slots have various themes, graphics, and sound effects, the return to player or RTP is another important aspect that can make or break the game. It is the return that players get based on the bets they place. Most online casinos market slots based on the RTP or return to player percentage.

There is a wide variation in the RTP that different slots offer. While some offer an RTP as low as 75%, the most popular ones even offer an RTP as high as 99%. So, when you are playing slots for real money, a high RTP can be a significant motivating factor to play a certain slot.