There has been a significant increase in online sports betting in recent years. During the pandemic, individuals confined in their homes have discovered the fun and thrill of gambling and betting to pass their time enjoyably and earn some money in the process. As a result, there has been an influx of many sports betting websites that offer a wide range of sports and betting options to individuals.

While gambling in casinos and betting on sports are mostly based on luck, individuals betting on sports have the advantage of knowledge about the sports, teams, and the players. So, if you are wondering which sports to bet on that are lucrative, continue to read as we discuss some of the most profitable sports you can bet on in recent times.


It would not be wrong to say that football is a universal game. It is watched worldwide, even in countries with no football teams participating in major leagues and tournaments. Moreover, football teams and players have a loyal fan following who closely follow each match and tournament of their favorite team and player.

When it comes to betting, individuals have the option of not only betting on matches and tournaments, they can also bet on the player of their choice. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of leagues and tournaments to choose from, including FIFA and UEFA, etc. In addition, bookmakers offer a wide range of betting markets from which bettors can choose according to their circumstances. These factors have put football at the top of the sports betting options.

Horse racing

In the olden times, the word sports betting was synonymous with horse racing. It was once the most popular form of sports betting. However, football has replaced it with time because of the game’s massive popularity and fans following. However, it continues to be among the top contenders.  Previously, a game of the elite, online bk8 sports betting has made it possible for anyone to place their bets on horse races.


The next on our list is basketball. With online sports betting, individuals have the opportunity to bet on even the most significant league of the game, i.e., the NBA. If you are a basketball enthusiast, you would be well informed about the teams and their players. Therefore, you have the probability to make accurate predictions and place profitable bets.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey may not be as popular as other sports like basketball. However, it has a huge fan following. What makes it a popular choice for betting is the amount of information available. If you are a fan, you can easily predict game outcomes by evaluating the team’s prospects when pitched against each other. Placing your bet on the winning team will thus help you earn financial gains.


Although not played in many countries, cricket is one of the most-watched sports, particularly in many Asian countries. The game is played in various formats and has a variety of tournaments and matches in accordance with those formats. Therefore, there is a wide variety of betting options.

The game can turn out to be in anyone’s favor as the team’s form, players’ strengths, and weather and pitch conditions are among the many variables impacting the game’s outcome. However, you can make an informed betting choice based on past data and draw relevant comparisons.

Final remarks

In addition to the games mentioned above, you can also bet on baseball, golf, and tennis, as they are also considered profitable sports for betting. Therefore, if you are interested in trying out sports betting, you can choose any of the games listed above you are interested in and do your research to decide where and how you want to bet to have a profitable outcome.