Examine how you’re doing in the current game


One of the ways you can consistently move up in the stakes is to take note of how you’re currently doing and examine if it’s feasible to keep moving. You should keep records of your play for increased organization and the ability to gather perspective on your situation to determine if you can keep raising. You want to be absolutely certain that you’re beating your current game before you continue to move up or you will face the consequences of an ill-informed choice.


How good is the bigger game?


The goal is obviously to win more money, so take careful note of how good the bigger poker 홀덤 is. Sometimes it’s possible that the lowly game will yield more fruitful results so arrogance in placing bigger stakes just for the sake of looking tough or prestigious should be avoided at all costs. Think about the quality of the players you’re facing and utilize your skills to effectively evaluate how poor the opposition is in the bigger game. Seek non-aggressive games where people tend to be drinking and having a good time and this will make it more advantageous over aggressive ones.


Have a sufficient Bankroll


You have to be cognizant of how much you really need to move up and the general rule of thumb is that 600 big blinds will be sufficient in funding a game. This of course assumes that you are a winning player who plays with average volatility. If you tend to be a losing player, then no bankroll is sufficient for moving up. Follow the standard formula of $1,200 for $1/2, $3,000 for $2/5, and $6,000 for $5/10 and you will have a general understanding of when it’s time to move up.


Can you leave if it’s too tough for you?


Sometimes it’s incredibly hard to move back down when you’ve moved far up and many players have this problem fall into their laps when they least expect it. It becomes more about pride, but there is no benefit when losing to tougher players. The difference between good players and bad ones is that the better ones know when to size down and when it’s possible to move up. Having self-control will give you the clarity to move up effectively without it becoming a match about pride. You might think that there’s a point to prove, but the truth is no one cares. In the end, it’s about making the best decision in any given situation.