If you sincerely want to make money by playing online games on scr888, it’s time you distinguish the “games you like to play” and the “games you should play.” In this article we are only interested in probability, not likeability: we are interested in making money, nothing else.

So without further ado, here are the best online games to win money on consistently:

#3: Craps

We could say that the Craps is a high-skill game, but we also can’t deny the element of luck involved in it. But despite the undeniable presence of the element of chance, Craps is a game that consists of a lot of predicting and decisionmaking, leaving you a lot of room for strategizing.


Craps is also very tempting and fast-paced, meaning that you can win or lose hundreds of dollars in a matter of seconds. Good news is that you can make various types of bets, complicated and straightforward ones; the more complex they are, the more there is a room for profit.


For instance, you can bet on others (also known as pass/don’t pass bet.) You have pass bet, don’t pass bet, odds bet (which has 0 house edge). If you never played craps, go through the rules quickly, and start with small bets; you won’t be disappointed with the profit.

#2: Video Poker

Video Poker mixes elements of luck and skill, rewarding high-skill players. This game isn’t a high-risk/high-reward game: most Video Poker games require patience, diligence, and slow investment. But that’s a good thing, right? After all, we are talking about the games that can bring you consistent profit, and Video Poker is all about consistency.


Each poker deck consists of four cards for each type of cards ( four Aces, four Kings, four 10s, etc.) What this means is that you can do a lot of calculation and try to figure out and predict the chances of you being able to complete your combination.


Poker also requires a lot of patience and strategy, but it gives you greater odds than Slot Machines or Roulette. Like BlackJack, poker is a game that rewards talented, persistent and intelligent players. And even though the rules of poker are reasonably straightforward, the game is impossible to master, always leaving room for improvement.


#1: BlackJack

When it comes to BlackJack, the house has just a 1% advantage over you. You can play it with others or by yourself, but this setup (solo or with others) doesn’t change the core gameplay.


BlackJack is the game of numbers and decision-making, the two things you should be looking for in any serious online game. You have to count and make decision-based solely on your memorization and math skills.


You compare the numbers in your hand with those that are left with the dealer and try to predict the value of the upcoming card. You can apply short and long-term tactics, depending on the calculated expected value.


BlackJack is one of the rarest games where the intelligent player can get an edge over the house, which is a rare phenomenon in the world of online gambling. If interested, seek guides on “card counting” or “shuffle tracking”; that should be a good starting point.